"Jolly Trolley" by Partique

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School Services

Make our “Jolly Trolley” part of your school curriculum. We now offer a structured program focusing on  Balance, Strength, Coordination, and Gross Motor Skills in a fun environment.  Each session will focus on one of the skills for 20 minutes and end with 10 minutes of free play which includes zip-lining and exiting down the slide.

Our Trolley will pull up to your school weekly, bi-weekly or monthly whichever program you choose. The parents will have pre-enrolled and paid for their child, so those children will come aboard! If you choose to do so you can roll it into your tuition as an option.

A minimum of 15 kids registered is needed at the cost of $ 13.50 per child for 35 min. session. With an enrollment of  25- 30 children ( two 35 min. sessions) the cost will drop to $11 per child..

If you choose to have us provide service paid by your school, we would come for 1 hour  once a week for a 10-week program.  A maximum of 15 children on the trolley at one time, so your time can be split into two  30 min sessions for up to 30 children, or three 20 min. sessions for up to 45 children.  More time can be purchased should you have a larger amount of children. Cost to you would be $250 for 1 hour per week for a contracted 10-week program. If you prefer occasional visits, the price is slightly higher.

Parents sign up for minimum of 8 sessions child gets free Trolley tee-shirt

When school signs up for a minimum of 8 sessions receive 1 summer session at half price .Can be school paid or parent paid sessions. (max up to 1 hour,  limit 1 free session per school , per year, must book a min.of 2 summer sessions)

Let us bring the fun to your school! Our Trolley NEVER moves with children inside

There are 2 instructors with the children at all times on our child safe equipped Trolley.

We are fully insured.